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Taiwan rock & mountain climbing

Yosemite Devil's Lake, Wisconsin Vedauwoo, Wyoming Lark Canyon Boulders Mission Gorge, San Diego
  • Cliff pic #1-with its proximity to San Diego, Mission Gorge is a nice little crag. (26k)
  • Cliff pic #2 (22k)
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    Half Dome NW Face from near Mirror Lake

    Half Dome NW Face from Yosemite Valley

    Half Dome from low on the Prow of Washington Column

    Classic view of Yosemite Valley

    Looking up Half Dome NW Face Regular Route from the base

    Royal Arches from Glacier Point

    Washington Column

    Washington Column, North Dome and Royal Arches

    Washington Column and Half Dome

    Tenaya Lake and some Tuolumne Domes

    Tuolumne landscape

    Across Mirror Lake toward the east

    Taroko Gorge- waterfalls and a swinging bridge

    Dragon Cave - looking south from the Wedding Route belay ledge

    Dragon Cave - looking north from the Wedding Route belay ledge

    Dragon Cavecliffs (Long Lane & Beside Monobridge on the left)

    Dragon Cave scenery- looking north toward the School Gate area

    Dragon Cave School Gate area

    Green Island - basalt sea cliff

    Green Island - another angle of the same basalt sea cliff

    The Chang Kai Shek Memorial in Taipei.

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