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IMPORTANT NOTE: (November 2006) This website is only rarely maintained or updated. The information contained within these pages may be very out-of-date or inaccurate. Situations, environments, and people change over time. On a personal note, I am climbing very little at this point in my life, and I even go for very long periods of time without checking the email sent to the address below. If you still choose to write to me, please do not expect me to reply quickly (or possibly ever). Please just take whatever information from this site that you find useful and enjoy your rock climbing experiences.

Taiwan Rock Climbing

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My "home" crag--Devil's Lake, Wisconsin [pics]

There are way too many great routes at DL. It's worth a stop on anyone's road trip. If you aren't used to slick quartzite, start out conservatively and be really careful if you place cams. The routes are short (up to 90') and steep to overhanging. Toproping is the norm since all of the routes can be toproped and lots of routes are unprotectable (without bolts, of which there are very few; please don't even think of adding more). This is a climber's playground, but beware of the underrating prevalent at this crag. It has been said that every route rating at Devil's Lake is a sandbag. The ratings below are from the Climber's Guide to Devil's Lake, and you'll want a guidebook if you climb there. All of these routes are highly recommended, and there are plenty of other great routes to keep you busy for a very long time.

Yosemite/Tuolumne routes I've climbed: [pics][wallpaper]

Other places I've visited and routes I can recommend:




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